About Us

About Us

Kalpataru Environmental Engineering Services

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The Kalpataru Environmental Engineering Services is a leading environmental consultant based in Kolhapur as well as all over Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. We provide water treatment with advanced technologies. We also work in Civil Engineering, Architectural, Plumbing and Public Health Consultancy. Due to in- depth knowledge, engineering technology, product quality, timely delivery of service has made us the most trusted organization in Maharashtra. Today water is a finite source, due to climatic change water gets impure which severely damages livelihood, human health and environment. Our experts provide consultancy services in waste water management, solid waste management, environmental, health and safety legislation advisory services, air pollution and monitoring, GIS.
We successfully completed more than 500+ projects in the field of pollution control i.e. Design, Installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants and air pollution control equipment's. We are also dealing in the projects of waste minimization and cleaner production technology.
MPCB Kalpataru Group
We offer all these civil and environmental services under one roof. We provide services to the individuals, corporate, institutions, government, co-operative bodies etc. We specialize in minimizing risks with cost-effective technical solutions, while looking at ways to achieve maximum operating flexibility. We have a team of professionals operating from three offices; we undertake projects from all over India. Our team is known for its High Quality Work, Technical Excellence, Uncompromising Professionalism, and Ethical Behavior.
We believe in 'Putting People First' and sharing what we have with the community. The sentiment behind helping the community is strongly embedded in our values. Since its inception, a Kalpataru Group has contributed to the society in every way possible and aspires to do more as it grows.

We are Professional

Kalpataru Group are highly professional in providing solutions for environment clearance certificates, health and safety like water and waste water management, solid waste management, environmental, health and safety legislation advisory services, air pollution and monitoring, GIS and also in the areas of civil services like architecture, structural, geotechnical, plumbing, electrical and mechanical.

We are Expert

We work diversely in fields like environmental, civil engineering, Architectural, plumbing and public health consultancy firm and our experts are always ready to give multidisciplinary advice and services on a wide range of strategic and project specific environmental and sustainability issues.

We are Trusted

We have completed 500+ projects successfully and owed the trust of our valuable clients. We are here to provide a complete solution with the latest designs with advanced equipment.