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MPCB Consent to Establish, Operate and Renewal

MPCB Consent to Establish, Operate and Renewal

MPCB-Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Consent to Establish, Operate and Renewal

Establishing a new manufacturing company is a big challenge for an entrepreneur. It also requires many approvals i.e. Consent to operate (CTO Approval) and Consent to establish (CTE Approval) from government authorities. If required guidelines not followed properly for getting approval from the government then the situation may become difficult. We offer to take care of the tasks to get Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate & renewal of consent application by online submission to MPCB. In addition to that we do handle any legal issues, if occur.

Environmental Monitoring and MPCB consent Services

If a manufacturing company discharges, stores, handles, transports substances like poisonous gases, wastewater, noise or any other waste which harms/pollutes environment then they have to take approval from Pollution control board which is called as Consent from Pollution Control Board.
MPCB-Maharashtra Pollution Control Board