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    "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man`s need, but not every man`s greed."
  • Kalpataru Civil & Enviro Engineering Services | Kalpataru Group

    "Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented."
  • Kalpataru Civil & Enviro Engineering Services | Kalpataru Group

    "Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented."

Welcome to Kalpataru Group

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Kalpataru Group is a leading environmental consultant based in Kolhapur as well as cities like Dombivli and Sangli. We provide water treatment with advanced technologies. We also work in Civil Engineering, Architectural, Plumbing and Public Health Consultancy. Due to in- depth knowledge, engineering technology, product quality, timely delivery of service has made us the most trusted organization in Maharashtra. Today water is a finite source, due to climatic change water gets impure which severely damages livelihood, human health and environment. Read..

We are Professional

Kalpataru Group are highly professional in providing solutions for environment clearance certificates, health and safety like water and waste water management, solid waste management, environmental, health and safety legislation advisory services, air pollution and monitoring, GIS and also in the areas of civil services like architecture, structural, geotechnical, plumbing, electrical and mechanical.

We are Trusted

We have completed 100+ projects successfully and owed the trust of our valuable clients. We are here to provide a complete solution with the latest designs with advanced equipment.

We are Expert

We work diversely in fields like environmental, civil engineering, Architectural, plumbing and public health consultancy firm and our experts are always ready to give multidisciplinary advice and services on a wide range of strategic and project specific environmental and sustainability issues.

Our Best Services - All Services Under One Roof

MPCB - Maharashtra Pollution Control Board


MPCB Consent to Establish, MPCB Consent to Operate and MPCB Consent Renewal & MPCB Consultants.MPCB consent is issued by Maharastra Pollution Control Board for operating business
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Waste Water Engineering and Consultancy Services


Process design, detailed engineering, Erection & Commissioning of effluent & Sewage treatment plants.Turnkey Solutions & Projects, Packaged STP Installation.Detail Project Report (DPR) for ETP/STP/CETP.
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Water Treatment and Engineering


We offer Design, Detailed engineering, packaged WTP, Turnkey solution, Compact packaged treatment plant, up gradation, modification, Erection and commissioning and Operation and maintenance
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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environmental Clearance


the Schedule to the EIA Notification 2006 requires prior Environmental Clearance from MoEF/SEIAA. On basis of Terms of reference issued by the Expert Appraisal Committee an EIA study is conducted and Public Consultation is done.
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Air Pollution Control, Monitoring & Equipment Design


Kalpataru Group is provider of industrial air pollution control, emission abatement and energy recovery systems. We design, manufacture, service and install thermal and catalytic oxidation technologies as well as heat recovery systems
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Solid Waste Management


We are Supplier of Organic Waste Converter. It converts the organic waste added to the machine into nitrogen rich compost by reducing its volume to almost 90% of the original. These OWC Composters are technologically advanced and confirm to industrial quality norms of international standards.

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Green Energy & Water Conservation


The accumulation of rainwater from the roofs of buildings can easily take place within cities and towns. Design, Erection & Process maintenance of Bio Gas plants
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Consent to Establish (CTE / NOC) and Consent to Operate (CTO / CC&A)


We help to get NOC / Consent to Establishment and operate for various industries. As per provisions of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 all new intending projects (Developmental & Industrial)
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Laboratory and Analytical Services


Sampling & Analysis of Water, Drinking water, Packaged drinking water & Process water as per IS/USEPA methods. Sampling & Analysis of Wastewater, Industrial effluents, Ground water & Storm water as per IS/USEPA methods.
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"I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use."

- Mother Teresa

Environmental Legal Services

  • * Legal Compliance and compliance report
  • * Pollution Control Board Liasoning work
  • Environmental Clearance (EC)

    As per the provisions laid under EIA-2006 notification, prior Environmental Clearance (EC) is required for the following projects.
  • * All new projects/activities listed in Schedule
  • * Expansion and/or modernization of existing projects/activities
  • * Change in product mix if the pollution load is increasing.
  • Pollution Control Board Consent

  • * Consent to Establishment
  • * Consent to Operate
  • * Consent Renewal
  • If a manufacturing company discharges, stores, handles, transports substances like poisonous gases, wastewater, noise or any other waste which harms/pollutes environment then they have to take approval from Pollution control board which is called as Consent from Pollution Control Board.
    As per the new policy of ease of doing business the new industry has to register in Maitri registration platform for registering on it following documents required.

    MPCB Liasoning Work

    Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Liasoning Work

    Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) NOC

    Due to degrading levels of groundwater day by day central ground water authority of India has made it mandatory of all kinds of Industrial plants, Infrastructure and mine projects to get NOC for ground water abstraction. To regulate the ground water abstraction central ground water authority was constituted under the environmental protection act 1986 sub-section 3 of section 3.

    Biomedical Waste Consent and Management

    Biomedical Waste Consent and Management
    Kalpattaru Consultant offer solution for

    Rain Water Harvesting

    We Kalpataru Groups are experts in Rain Water Harvesting in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Our motto for rain water harvesting is to make water available in the areas lacking water. It's a low cost method having lots of benefits. It is helpful in field irrigation, livestock agriculture, household and many more. Our experts assist the clients and clarify the importance of water savage. It's an easy concept collection of rainwater, treatment to rainwater, storage, and use.


  • * Self-sufficiency in water
  • * Increase ground water level
  • * Reduce soil erosions
  • * Improves quality of groundwater
  • Kalpattaru Consultant offer solution for

    Industrial Effluent Treatment

    Kalpataru Group is an expert in Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. ETP is a process for converting waste water of industries into reusable or safely disposable in the environment. Industries like textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals have contaminated water after manufacturing products and cannot be released into the environment directly.


  • * Removal of dirt, toxic and non toxic content
  • * Reuse of water if necessary
  • * Safe to environment